Apr 27, 2008

Cooking class- cream puff and eclair

We made cream puff and eclair. For filling, we use custard cream
(with brandy, vanilla beans) and dairy cream. My husband was
very glad to them. I do not mean to buy cream puff at convenience
store any more as factory made cream puff contains a lot of

Apr 14, 2008

Vegan meetup and N.I .T meet up

I attended Vegan meetup held at Pink Cow at Shibuya on April 17.
Although it was rainy, chilly day, aprox. 40 peple gathered at the
venue. I am not vegan but since I suffer from morning attack
(I cough a lot everytime I woke up), I suspect that eating meat
and sweet might not good for nose allegy.

I attended another meetup called N.I.T (Networking in Tokyo for
business and pleasure) on April 19. Some of us went to karaoke
and had a good time.

Apr 6, 2008

Cooking class Beef rice, eggplant marinette, pudding with strawberry sauce

I participated in cooking class at Tokyo gas. We coocked
Beef rice with demiglace sauce
Eggplant marinette
Pudding with strawberry sauce

We used red wine for cooking beef rice. As we did not take
time in making sauce, rice tasted sour. Pudding with strawberry
sauce was good. It was easy to cook.

Apr 5, 2008

Mini zoo had been closed.

I went to the Kodomo sizen koen (Natural park for children)
to see cherry blossoms and animals. At mini zoo, you could
see cow, pony, pig, rabbit etc. On Saturdays, you could
touch small animals.

I was very disappointed to see that mini zoo had been closed.
All the animals had been moved to Kanazawa zoo on Jan 28