Jun 23, 2013

The Japan Newspaper Museum and Cup noodle museum 日本新聞博物館とカップヌードルミュージアム

I went to The Japan newspaper museum
to watch exhibition of Okinawa.

Permanent exhibition is interesting.

Asahi Shimbun uses this plane for
news coverage.

The museum is adjacent to Nihon
Odori station.  Admission fee is
500 yen.

Headline "One dollar = 308 yen".

The museum is less crowded.

If you like quiet place in Yokohama
I recommend this location.
CupNoodles museum might be amusing
to visit.

It is located in front of World Porters.
Admission fee is 500 yen. 
We took lunch at The Hof Braw.
This restaurant has operated sicne
Original menu "Spa Pizza" is
large portion for woman but
it tastes good. 

1,100 yen.

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Jun 21, 2013

How do you dry clothes on rainy season? 梅雨時の洗濯物の室内干について

I like watching hydrangeas on rainy
season but what I dislike on rainy
season is


drying clothes inside house.  I use
dehumidifier as our old W/D didn't
work well.  When I started to use
dryer,  it suddenly stopped. 


I read manual and I found that
I should clean dryer filter every
time I use dryer.

I was surprised to see so much
dust inside dryer filter. 

After cleaning,  dryer starts to
operate without problem. 


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Jun 17, 2013

Animals in Zoorasia ズーラシアの動物たち

I would like to visit Cactus Park to watch animals as distance to animals
is far at Zoorasia.  However, Zoorasia is the nearest zoo and admission
fee is only 600 yen,  I sometimes go to the zoo.

Since the ground is large for walking,  next time I might use van inside
the park.

Indian elephant

3 elephant were given by Mumbai,
which is a sister city of Yokohama.

Bornean orangutan was eating leaves.
Sumatran tiger
Asian lion from India
Capybara from South America

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Jun 16, 2013

Commonwealth War Cemetery and Kankyo Katsudo Sien center 英連邦墓地と環境活動支援センター

As it was father's day,  I visited my parents living in Hodogaya.
British Commonwealth cemetery is located about 15 minutes
from our home.
Queen Elizabeth, Premier Thatcher,
Princess Diana and Premier Blair
visited this cemetery.
 For details, please refer to CWGC site.

Kankyo Katsudo Sien Center

3 cats were walking around the

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Jun 15, 2013

Ultraman train and Minato Mirai area ウルトラマン列車に乗ってみなとみらいへ

 I rode "Ultraman train"(Sotetsu) from
kibougaoka to Yokohama.
Yokohama archives of history
At the site Japan and U.S.
signed Treaty of Kanagawa
in 1854.  

Special exhibition: British consulate
room until June 16, 2013.

 Photo exhibition of Mr.Motochika
Hirose, who took pictures of
Yokohama in Showa.  Until July 7.

Tamakusu tree

 Over the window, you will see
Scandinavian and San Aloha
 Good place to have coffee or

Jack Cafe

We took lunch at "Il de Terrace"
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Jun 13, 2013

Walking in the rain from Sakuragicho to Motomachi 雨の中桜木町から元町散歩

This picture was taken on Sunny day.
This road is called railway road.

When we go to World Porters, we
walk this road.

My favorite restaurant Donna Doro
is located on 5th floor.

World Porters

Dog of Shiokumizaka garden
at Motomachi

Inside the cafeteria

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Jun 12, 2013

Cooking class at Makan Makan owner's house. マカンマカンの料理教室

Makan Makan owner sheff, Ms. Hiroko Hiraoka hold cooking class today.
I attended class for the first time.  I was happy to have tasty lunch
and beer in the afternoon.

I should cook steamed Chinese dumpling, fried eggplant
and  rice vermicelli at home.

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Jun 11, 2013

Typhoon is approaching.

Typhoon is approaching.  Before it rains hard,  I would buy
plenty of food and drink as I don't want to go shopping in
the rain.

Near the elder care falicily
I came across a cat,begging
bread I had just bought.

Engrance of Mujinakubo park.
My sister living in Hodogaya
told me that she saw 
Hakubishin. ( pe̍h-phī-sim、果子狸 )

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Jun 9, 2013

How to make Plum sake  梅酒をしこむ

Plum grove at Kibougaoka was opened
2 days for picking.  We got 3 kilo of

1 kilo plum cost 500 yen.
We chose clean, big plums.

Plum grove is located 7 minutes from
Kibougaok station.

 How to make Umeshu (梅酒)

Green Plum  1kg
Rock sugar 0.5-0.8kg
White liquor 1.8L

 1. Soak plums into bowl more than
12 hours to remove scum.

2. Wipe plum with paper towel and
remove stems.

3. Insert plum with takegushi.

4. Place layer of plum, then rock sugar.

5. Pour liquor into jar.

6 Store the jar in cool place. (not fridge).

You will be ready to drink Umeshu after 6 months.  

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