Jul 29, 2013

Aloha Yokohama 2013 アロハヨコハマ 2013

I borrowed my husband's camera(Nikon D5200) and took some pictures
around Osanbashi, Yamashita park, Red brick warehouse.  We went to
see Aloha Yokohama 2013. As it's prohibited to take photos of Hula
dancers and band, I can't convey the atmosphere of the festival.

I watched Hula dance and Van's K band on the roof terrace of

 View of Red brick warehouse.
We ate Asai bowl and on the roof

Near the Red brick warehouse,
there is exhibition of captured
ship of North Korea.

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Picture for my father 2013 経堂まつり  東京農大青山ほとり

I watched "Kyodo festival" on July 21 to take pictures of "Aoyama Hotori"
(Raddish dance by Tokyo University of Agriculture) for my father.
He was born in 1929 and learned at department of agricultural chemistry.
He wanted to work at Brazil but he gave up his dream of living overseas
when he got  married to my mom.  Now he is too old to go out.


Jul 19, 2013

"Mark is" was not so crowded. MARK IS みなとみらい

MARK IS is new shopping mall opened in June 2013.  I visited last Saturday
before wathing the movie "Hangover 3".  The place was not so much crowded
but we had to wait a little for lunch.

 MARK IS Minatomirai is
adjacent to Minatomirai
 You can walk to 109 cinemas MM
or Yokohama station.
 rooftop garden

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Jul 15, 2013

Asahi Wind Ensemble Concert / Figure of Franken Weenie

As I had received invitation card of "Asahi wind Ensemble Concert"
I went to Sun Heart at Futamatagawa.  Admission fee is free.

The atmosphere of concert hall was good.  I was surprised to see
one girl sitting front seat began to cry. She was not accustomed
to listen to sound at the closest place.

After the concert, we had lunch at KOKOICHI.  My husband
got "Franken Weenie" at gacha of Don Quijote.

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Jul 10, 2013

First anniversary of Hara Model Railway Museum 原鉄道模型博物館一周年

In commemoration of first anniversary of Hara Model Railway
Museum, admission fee (Adult 1,000 yen) for 1919 people was
free.  Museum curator Mr. Shintaro Hara was born in 1919.

 For opening ceremony,
brass band played music
of train.
You can not take pictures in the
museum. This is electric board
outside of museum.

Hara Model Railway Museum  is located near Nissan Show room of
109 cinemas Minato Mirai. Open hour: 11am-6pm, Closed on Tuesday.

This picture was also taken outside
of museum.

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Jul 8, 2013

Lunch party held by University SNS group

I have joined Sophian's SNS for graduates.  System of SNS is almost
same as mixi. (I don't use mixi anymore.)

With help of Sophian's SNS,  I have acquainted with many friendly
people.  I attended lunch party held exclusively at "La Matier, Kagurazaka".
Food was very good.
Salad with octopus 
Cold corn soup
Beef and mashed potate in
Cabernet Sauce 

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Jul 5, 2013

Pajaros de papel スペイン映画ペーパーバード

Terminó telenovela "Eva Luna" de canal TBS2.  Fue la último programa
de español.

Ahora estoy viendo el pelicula "Pajaros de papel" a canal Imagica.
Como no compro revista de Sky Perfect,  no me dí cuenta que
ペーパーバード fue la pelicula de España.
Pajaros de papel  http://www.fotogramas.es/Peliculas/Pajaros-de-papel



Takoyaki sería semejante
a tapas.


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Jul 1, 2013

Augusta milk farm 牛と会えるソフトクリームショップ

If you love cow and fresh milk and
soft cream,  "Augusta milk farm"
might be good place to visit.

Mr.Aizawa, who has run Aizawa pasture
more than 25 years opened 
soft cream shop this year.

3-11-11, Akuwaminami, Seya-ku 

This cow was very friendly.  You can see him
at backyard of the shop.

Open hour:  10:30am-4pm
Closed on Wednesday.

Soft cream is around 350 yen.
Milk (free refills) 200 yen.

You can buy "Hamakko milk" at JA shop in

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