Oct 7, 2008

Trip Advisor asked me to write in Japanese but

I received a mail from Trip Advisor asking me to write travel report in Japanese. As opening event of Trip Advisor in Japanese version, they seem to collect a lot of posting in Japanese. Before I traveled to Kauai, I get a lot of useful info from Trip Advisor, but as for Trip Advisor JP, there were very few info and I did not see them. Actually, I wonder why Trip Advisor JP shows info of already closed hotel. (Molokai Ranch etc.)

In my opinion, travel info site on Hawaii in Japanese text is a little different from what I would like to know. There are a lot of data of shopping(where to purchase "brand" clothing & bag) and picture of restaurants. Nowadays, there are a lot of blogs written in Japanese. Some blogs are interesting and helpful but

I am not delighted to see such blogs that contains a lot of picture of other people (foreigners)and painted out their own face. (It is against law to show pictures of other people without permission. Pics painted out one part are somehow disgusting.) We enjoyed short stay in Kauai but we were not interested in buying a lot of goods or dining out at gorgeous restaurants.

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