Jul 1, 2013

Augusta milk farm 牛と会えるソフトクリームショップ

If you love cow and fresh milk and
soft cream,  "Augusta milk farm"
might be good place to visit.

Mr.Aizawa, who has run Aizawa pasture
more than 25 years opened 
soft cream shop this year.

3-11-11, Akuwaminami, Seya-ku 

This cow was very friendly.  You can see him
at backyard of the shop.

Open hour:  10:30am-4pm
Closed on Wednesday.

Soft cream is around 350 yen.
Milk (free refills) 200 yen.

You can buy "Hamakko milk" at JA shop in

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 関東ブログ 横浜(市)情報へ

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