Jun 9, 2013

How to make Plum sake  梅酒をしこむ

Plum grove at Kibougaoka was opened
2 days for picking.  We got 3 kilo of

1 kilo plum cost 500 yen.
We chose clean, big plums.

Plum grove is located 7 minutes from
Kibougaok station.

 How to make Umeshu (梅酒)

Green Plum  1kg
Rock sugar 0.5-0.8kg
White liquor 1.8L

 1. Soak plums into bowl more than
12 hours to remove scum.

2. Wipe plum with paper towel and
remove stems.

3. Insert plum with takegushi.

4. Place layer of plum, then rock sugar.

5. Pour liquor into jar.

6 Store the jar in cool place. (not fridge).

You will be ready to drink Umeshu after 6 months.  

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Shiroi Tora said...

My mother used to often make this. My wife's name is also Yoshiko by the way (Happy Child character). I miss Japan. I will stop in on your blog every so often. Until then.

Yoshiko Urushihara said...

My mother also used to make Umeshu so I
drank it since I was child.

I made friend with American from Michigan
when I was much younger. Someday I want to
visit Holland MI again.

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