Jun 8, 2013

Yokohama Kaikosai 2013, JS Yamagiri  横浜開港祭2013 護衛艦やまぎり公開

Official site Yokohama Kaikosai 2013 (Japanese text)

 We had lunch in front of Nihonmaru.

Sausage was delicious.
We ate dango and apricot
daifuku for dessert.
JS Yamagiri DD152

76mm Rapid fire gun  1pc
ASROC Launcher 1pc
CIWS 2 pc
Chaff Rocket launcher 2pc
Triple Torpedo Tubes 2pc
Harpoon Missile System 2 set
Sea Sparrow Missile System 1set
Japan Coast Guard

I took pictures of cheer dancers but I can not upload on the site
as I don't want to infringe on portrait rights.

にほんブログ村 地域生活(街) 関東ブログ 横浜(市)情報へ

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