Oct 15, 2013

Enoden is tied up with Taiwan Píngxī xiàn line 江ノ電が台湾の平渓線と提携

I plan to travel to Taiwan this month.  If
we show used one day Enoden ticket
at Taiwan Pingxi xian line, we can get free
one day ticket.

If you want to take picture of Enoshima,
"Kamakura koukou mae" station might be best


We take off at Shicirigahama station as there are some good restaurant.
We took lunch at Leaf cafe. This
restaurant is inexpensive and less
crowded.  If you want to take lunch
at Amalfi, you should wait in line.

 Then we took off at Gokurakuji station.
Admission fee of the temple is free but you
can not take pictures inside.

Hase station famaous for Daibutsu is
located at next station.  If you have
map, it might be good to walk.

We headed for Daibutsu.  There were
so may tourists from overseas. I like garden
of Hasedera.

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