May 10, 2015

Yokosuka Curry Festival よこすかカレーフェスティバル 2015

We took Keihin kyuko from Yokohama station and got
off at Shioiri station. As we wanted to walk around
Dobuita street before going to Mikasa Park.

"Fuji" Military wear clothes and
American casulal wear shop.
My husband was watching the shop.
Dobuita dining room PERRY
Famous for Navy curry plate,
Navy hamburger.

"Tsunami "
 You can eat Yokosuka Navy hamburter
and Yokosuka cherry cheese cake.

Mikasa park was crowded with people.  We ate Mojikou yaki curry
and Furano omu curry.
Statue of Heihachiro Togo.
 (27 January 1848 – 30 May 1934)
He was Marshal admiral Marquis of
the imperial fleet.

During the Russo-Japanese War,
he destroyed the Russian Baltic
 Furano omelette curry
 took second prize.

 Mojikou yaki curry won
 curry master prize.
 Yokosuka Navy curry
 Mojikou yaki curry, cheese and egg
 Furano omelette curry.

 SDF band.  "Warship march" was
Mito Komon san.
Monkey island.
It was enjoyable event. I want to come back
next year.

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