May 28, 2013

Piano lesson memo  ピアノレッスンメモ

I take piano lesson once a month.  Lesson fee is 3,000 yen for an hour.
For adult piano student, this schedule and fee is reasonable.

I use Hanon lesson book published when I was 4 years old. (250 yen
at that time).

Today's lesson

39 (major and minor schale)
H dur(ロ長調)  Gis moll (嬰ト短調)
When I play downward, I should be careful with double sharp
and thumb finger.

The little Pischna
12  I should release my annular finger from keyboard at once.

J.S.Bach   Wohlt Emperiertes Klavier 1
Praeludium X
I should maintain "ostinato" with my left hand.  Teacher showed me how to
play trill.

Beethoven   Pathetique second movement



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